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Invoicing Absences and Planning
Invoicing Absences and Planning
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An easier workflow

The architectural industry has grown. New projects and tasks must be staffed, registered and invoiced. The less time you have on administration, the more time you will have for the individual tasks.

Keep a structure on your projects

Your workflow and planning your projects should be easy, intuitive and create value. This is why we have developed a Task Management Solution adapted to the entire architectural industry, which provides a complete view for the employees, the administration and the management.

Plan your projects


Budgetter og EAC

Follow your budget


Track your time


Dashboard i EazyProject

Get detailed information


Sagsstyring online

Avoid bottlenecks

Reach your deadlines

With Planning Pro, you have the opportunity to plan all of your projects, overall or down to the last detail. Plan on a monthly basis or up to three years ahead, while retaining an overview of your resources, employees, budgets and deadlines.

Through Heatmap, the system automatically decodes whether your employees are charged and what costs it has. That way you avoid bottlenecks and overburdened employees in the team.

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There is no doubt that EazyProject is the future solution for all architects. New opportunities are constantly emerging that make our everyday life easier and EazyProject involves us a lot in new developments and continuous improvement.
COBE Kristian Hollmann
Kristian Hollmann,
Finance Director // COBE

Fast and simple invoicing

A full view of planned budgets

Create, plan and follow your budget

In Budget Pro you have the full view at all times. Planning your budget is both easy and fast, and the various features and views mean that you get the relevant data and information for each project and task.

EAC Budget Pro

Once you have created and planned your budget for your projects, tasks and staffing, you can continuously follow the planned budget through EAC Budget Pro and quickly add changes.

Simple Invoices

EazyProject offers a user-friendly and simple invoicing system. Create an invoice based on an offer, order or invoice template, which you can then send to your customers.

Offer and order

With a single click, the offer or order is closed and copied to a new invoice so that the content of the offer does not have to be re-typed. This saves time and minimizes error entry.

Visuelt Ferie og fravaersmodul nemt

Get a full view

Track your absence

In EazyProject’s user-friendly absence system, each employee has the opportunity to follow their own hours, flex balance, holiday and vacation days.

As a manager you get an overall overview of your employees’ holidays, absences and holiday allowances. Extract a report and see your employees’ total number of vacation days, holidays held in hours / days, etc.

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Time Track your Projects

Extract accurate data and documentation

track time in EazyProject

Online Timesheet

Create and send accurate invoice

When you record time on your projects and tasks, you can quickly decode whether you are making money. You can directly track your budgets and deadlines, as well as see if your team and projects are on the right track.

Through time records, you know exactly how much time you have spent on each task and in this way send an exact invoice to your customer. In continuation with this, EazyProject offers further invoicing, reporting and documentation, as well as a simple integration to the invoicing itself.

App for EazyProject

Fast sync

The EazyProject App for time tracking is designed so you can easily and quickly record your time, drive and expenses while on the go. Get an overview of your hourly spend, flex balance and day norm.

The app stores your time records in your mobile phone and synchronizes with your EazyProject solution as soon as there is data coverage or when you want to synchronize yourself.

Stor Timerapport i EazyProject

Customized to your role

Personal reports

The reports in Eazyproject are generated based on your entered data in the system and contain all information about time registration, resources, finances, time consumption, outlay, driving etc.

Whether you are an employee, project manager or part of the management, you have the opportunity to extract a wide range of flexible and light-hearted customized reports tailored to your role.

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Visuelt Data Dashboard

Down to the smallest detail

Visual information

Get a visual overview of eg. your reports, time, budgets, etc. simultaneously. Depth on your data and keep track of all information ranging from planning, budgets, billing and Gantt to your personal holiday and absentee balances.

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