It should be easy to plan

How do you get an overview of work tasks, absence and workload?

One of the most difficult things in most companies is having an updated overview of who is doing what, when and how busy are we then.

Many companies develop large and complicated spreadsheets to solve issues with all sorts of rules and exceptions. But every day there are ongoing changes in the planning which overturns the load. Therefore, a lot of resources need to be spent on updating the spreadsheet. When the sheet is not used optimally, the overview disappears.

When the overview is lacking, the projects progress, tasks are forgotten while some employees are overloaded with tasks, while others have all the time in the world.

An overview of tasks, workload, finances, absence and employees is the key to keep track of your projects and the business.

At EazyProject, we have improved our employee planning with a completely new approach to employee planning.