What a fantastic Architecture Day

An amazing and enjoyable day is over and we say thank you to all the architects who participated in Architecture Day 2019.

It was an exciting and educational day. New updates and features were introduced and there was an exciting dialogue about the EazyProject solution.

Thank you for a great atmosphere and thank you for all your input and additions about Eazyproject.

We hope to see you all again for Architecture Day 2020.

Arkitektdagen 2019 eazyproject event
Arkitekdagen 2019 Eazyproject prindsen
Bo Bertelsen, Mikael Leed and Christina Winther.

Arkitektdagen navneskilte gaester
Arkitektdagen Hotel Prindsen EazyProject

Thanks to the speakers

A big thank you to our speakers: Simon Skøt and Laura Christoffel from PLEO, and Gregers Paulsen and Helle Nielsen from BDO👍

Arkitektdagen taler PLEO
Simon Skøt / PLEO

Arkitektdagen taler BDO
Gregers Paulsen and Helle Nielsen / BDO

Team Eazyproject paa Prindsen i Roskilde Arkitektdagen
Yours sincerely
Team EazyProject