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"EazyProject - a modern user interface."

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The challenge

We needed a comprehensive overview of projects and planning.


The solution

We hope that EazyProject will create an even greater overview of tasks and projects.

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EazyProject's greatest strengths

Good service, efficient Time Tracking and a modern user interface.


The user-interface is
much easier to use than
the corresponding systems.

Morten Bülow
Architect, CEO // MAA


Morten Bülow is an architectural firm with a location on Lolland-Falster. Their vision is to harness the huge potential that lies in the province to create a framework and architecture that makes it far more attractive to live in the province than in the big cities.

Everything you need to run a drawing room - all in one system.
Morten Bülow
Architect, CEO // MAA

Lack of overview

What challenges did you have before choosing EazyProject?
We didn’t have a comprehensive overview of our projects and planning.

What solution did you use before EazyProject?
A simple Excel sheet.

Why did you choose Eazyproject?
Because of the user-friendly interface

In relation to your previous solution, how do you experience the use in EazyProject?
Completely okay. It is not nearly as user-friendly as, for example, dinero (which is not a direct comparison), but far better than similar systems.

How was the information about the use of the system and the implementation of EazyProject?
Really good. These are some sweet, kind and present people you are in contact with.

What benefits do you experience here and now, and what benefits do you expect to achieve in the future with EazyProject?
Good and efficient Time Tracking. We hope this will create an even greater overview of the tasks and the studio as a whole. Both the snapshot and a little into the future.

One unified system

How did your staff receive the tool?

What do you consider to be EazyProject’s strengths?
Great service and a modern user interface.

Do you feel comfortable using EazyProject?

How do you experience the support at EazyProject?
Very good.

What is the next stage for you?
Getting better at using the planning part.

If you were to recommend us to others, what would you emphasize in your recommendation?
We just recommended EazyProject at an architects network meeting. EazyProject has everything you need to run a drawing room – all in one place.

Morten Bülow
Architect, CEO

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