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"EazyProject provide us a full overview".

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We needed to take full control of all our Data. This was a problem in Excel.

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EazyProject provide us a quick overview of projects and employees.

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EazyProject's greatest strength

All data in the EazyProject software is developed and handled in Denmark.


EazyProject listens
to the customers and
keep up with the times.

Lennart Jakobsen
Architect, Proprietor

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COSYHOUSE was started in Høng on Zealand back in 2013, by carpenter and architect Lennart Jakobsen.

From the very beginning, the vision for COSYHOUSE has been – and still is – to make the meeting and collaboration between you and the architect personal, trusting, present and transparent.

EazyProject is a sound company with a well-tested system that constantly does its best to meet the needs of the time.
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Lennart Jakobsen
Architect, Proprietor // COSYHOUSE

Excel was not enough

What challenges did you have before choosing EazyProject?
There was not enough control over our data, it became very clear in Excel very quickly. It was hard to see who was working on what and when.

In general, a lack of overview of their projects. Like, who has time for what task?

Where did you hear about EazyProject?
We searched for a system for time tracking and project management on the web. We found EazyProject that had all the features that we needed.

Of course, it was an advantage that we knew the Account Manager.

What solution did you use before EazyProject?
Excel and calendar. And a lot of mailing back and forth.

Why did you choose Eazyproject?
We chose Eazyproject because of the many tools and features. It is a quick system which gives us a full view of all our projects and employees.

How was the system to start up with?
All the beginning is difficult, but after a thorough review and ongoing dialogue, we think it makes more and more sense. And the employees have taken good care of the system.

How do you experience the usability in EazyProject?
Good and visual.

All in one system

How was the information and the implementation of EazyProject?
Really good, there are still some small things that need to be in place, but it will come to a head.

How did your employees receive EazyProject?
They think it’s really quick and easy to use.

What benefits do you experience here and now, and what benefits do you expect to achieve in the future with EazyProject?
We register our hours and can quickly get an overview of what has been done during the day.
The expectation is to gain more control over project management and planning.

What do you consider to be EazyProject’s strengths?
It is a sound company with a well-tested system that constantly does its best to meet the needs of the time.

The system embraces broadly and provides a really good overview across projects, while at the same time being visual and clear.

The EazyProject Software is developed and handled in Denmark.

Do you feel comfortable using EazyProject?

How do you experience the support at EazyProject?

Lennart Jakobsen
Architect, Proprietor // COSYHOUSE

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