"EazyProject creates a full overview and transparency."

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The challenge

Planning and resource management of operation work is a general challenge in the general housing sector.

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The solution

EazyProject ensures that no tasks are forgotten. The customer manager / operations manager can keep track of how many hours are spent and continuously inform the board.

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EazyProject's greatest strengths

Better task and resource overview. Digitization of a number of workflows that create better overview and communication.


One of the great benefits of
the system is that holiday request
and registration of illness now
gets cleared from the mobile.

Kent Kivsmose,
Operator, Domea

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For the past five years, the building and housing management company has worked with a targeted strategy of running the administration and property management as a business-oriented company, both in and the housing organizations that are’s customers (hereafter referred to as

In connection with this strategy,, in close cooperation with the local housing organizations, has focused on collaboration across departments and organizations and has therefore established 20 service centers (operating communities) to handle the property management. As part of the professionalization and streamlining of service centers, has introduced digital task planning and resource management in recent years.

All text is borrowed from the report: “’s experiences with EazyProject”, which deals with the use of EazyProject at Domea. Source: Digitization and streamlining of property management.

Read the full report here

EazyProject provides a much better opportunity to make visible what it is that needs to be done, how long it takes and what it costs.
Bent Michelsen domea
Bent Michelsen,
Operator // Domea

The idea and purpose of the project

The EazyProject project was launched to test new concrete efficiency enhancements in the operation of housing departments. It should build on’s multi-year strategy of running a business-oriented business where digitalisation plays a crucial role. The purpose of the project was to test and verify digital tools for:

  • To organize operational supplier and employee time.
  • Integration for financial management.
  • Clear report generation.

The tools were to be found in one IT system

The ambition was to create one IT system that combined all tasks for all departments. The system should, for example. show how often the tasks were to be solved and how many resources were needed:

  • The system should create an overview of the resource load.
  • The system was to be integrated with the financial system and to allow benchmarking and price comparison for specific operational tasks.
  • The system should allow individual housing organizations to pay only for their actual consumption of services from the service center.

A unique overview

(…) The digital breath makes it easier to inaugurate the boards of the various expenditure items and let them exercise their mandate when making decisions on the respective expenses at the departmental level.

All the fixed and predictable tasks of the year are entered into the system. Likewise, the tasks that are constantly emerging are keyed into the system immediately, resulting in a unique overview – an overview of the departments’ needs and consumption of resources. At the same time, the way to estimate the hourly rate and determine an overall budget is shorter.

Bent Michelsen domea

Bent Michelsen,
Account Manager // Domea

From 'as usual' to 'actually'

EazyProject has been a part of everyday life for the well over three years Kent Kivsmose has been the operating manager of the service center Solrød. But he remembers how it was in the previous jobs when planning the budget for the coming year with the board.

In the past, they did as usual. But that has been settled in the Service Center Solrød. Now we do it in fact: We spent X hours last year. Should we use the same this year? What do you want to turn up or down for?

(…) Kent would not hesitate to recommend EazyProject to anyone considering it. “Yes, because it provides an overview for real estate officials, service coordinators and operations managers or customer managers who must cooperate with the board. I have a complete overview of the individual departments: how much is spent and how much is needed. So absolutely, I would recommend that. ”

Kent Kivsmose domea

Kent Kivsmose
Operator // Domea

Today, the resident can arrange a more precise time for when the task will be solved.
Susanne Wilchen-Pedersen domea
Susanne Wilchen-Pedersen
Service coordinator // Domea

Do you need an overview of your resources?