Eazyproject logo on a blue background peeling off to reveal Bjorn Lunden logo.

New name, new look, new opportunities

We are pleased to announce that EazyProject, together with the group’s companies in Sweden and Holland, is now being consolidated under the international brand Bjorn Lunden. The new brand will be launched on March 21, but the rollout will occur in phases, so you will see more of our new graphic profile in the future.
The new brand is more than just a new look; it is our promise of innovation. We aim to be the obvious choice for companies not only in Denmark but also across large parts of North Western Europe. For you as a customer, nothing changes. The products and services remain the same.

Time Tracking and Project Management Software

Powerful project management tool for you and your business

Infographic of the project management tools Eazyproject offers.
Infographic of the project management tools Eazyproject offers.

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Make your workflow easier

Task Management System

Complete planning software

EazyProject provides you with all the essential tools to make the workflow easier and more accurate. Extract reports, record time, track budget and achieve your goals.

Get the exact data

Employee Time Tracking Software

Time Tracking online

Do you know the exact amount of time that you spend on each assignment? Does it match the invoices? With EazyProject you are able to record your time and get the exact data.

A full automatic export of data

Invoices on time

Easy online Invoicing

Record your hours, create an invoice and send it to the client. Try our quick and easy invoice system that transfers all important data entered in the system.

A full view of the entire project

Easy Project Management

Project Management System

Get a complete view of all your projects, finances, resources and more. With our simple Project Management Tool, you save time and money. We offer full support on all our solutions.

Online Project Management System

Planning, invoices, time tracking and much more


You are in focus

As a Client of Eazyproject, it is you and your needs that are in focus.



Security is the center

Our experience ensures quality and safety.


EazyProject overview

The full overview

Skip the manual steps and automate your workflow.


EazyProject value

We create value

Many of our clients are experiencing growth in their business in.