The employee's calendar

Send tasks directly to


Detailed calendar management

Project calendar

EazyProject offers the opportunity for detailed calendar management that is fully integrated with EazyProject project and our resource management software.

The calendar provides the opportunity to schedule employees in detail in a new and intuitive way with full focus on user-friendliness.

  • Send tasks directly to the employee’s personal calendar
  • Assign colours to each individual calendar registration
  • Show pictures for a better overview
  • Select and show ‘favourite employees’ only
  • Display for one project, customer or department only
  • Schedule projects and tasks
  • Schedule employees
  • Schedule with drag & drop
  • Schedule according to start/finish times, hours or days
  • Schedule in terms of booked time off and public holidays
  • Schedule in terms of competencies

Move bookings with just a few clicks

Unique transfer tool

If you work with calendar planning for multiple employees, machines or another type of resource, you should try EazyProject’s unique transfer tool.

The transfer tool gives you the opportunity to ‘push’ groups of bookings forward (or backward) with just a few clicks.

Highlights of the transfer tool:

  • Move multiple bookings with just a few clicks
  • Move everyone by one day or everything from/with one day
  • Move forwards – move backwards
  • Move your favourites only
  • Move specific employees, customers, projects, cases
  • Move specific colours or labels

Get a full view of all your data