Holiday and absence management

Automatic calculation of holiday, flexitime and time off in lieu

Follow your registrations

EazyProject is a complete solution for registering holidays and absences. Personal reports mean that the employee can track their own hours spent, flex account, holidays taken and holidays remaining.

  • Complete user-friendly holiday and absence management solution
  • Personal holiday account in real-time – also accessible via mobile phone
  • Overview of all employees’ holidays, absences and holiday requests
  • Complete holiday management incl. graphic holiday calendar
  • Automatic calculation of holiday, flexitime and time off in lieu
  • Holiday module for more advanced holiday rules
  • Supports all types of absences
  • Export of absence data to Excel, payroll and finance systems

Holiday overview

Are you missing a complete overview of one or more employees’ holidays and days off? EazyProject includes multiple reports and graphic calendars for this purpose, which show the total number of holidays, holidays held in hours/days plus the number of holidays remaining for each employee for the selected holiday year (1 May – 30 April) and so on.



Does your HR/payroll department often get asked by employees how many days of holiday they have left, or maybe you find it hard to obtain an overview of who is taking their holiday when? Should absences be recorded in hours or days? Does the accumulation of absence vary from employee to employee?

Our new absence module makes it easy and simple to enter many different types of absence and decide yourself how and when it should be earned/taken in relation to the date the employee started their employment.

User-friendly absence module

There are many advantages to using our

  • Employees can keep track of their holiday flex accounts themselves.
  • What have I earned, what have I transferred, what has been taken, what have I planned and what do I have left?
  • The scheduling of absences sets up a time registration automatically.
  • Easy overview of what is left of ‘unplanned holiday’, so you can schedule on the basis of everyone taking their holiday in April.
  • Linked to Planning Pro, so you can see who has scheduled absences as you schedule your projects.
  • Potential for manager-approved absences
  • Absence calendar
  • Creation of specific rules
  • Processing of different absence regulations, e.g. in relation to different employment terms, foreign departments, time off taken in days, ½ days or hours.
  • Flexible set-up of public holidays/days when your business is closed for different employee groups.
  • Easy to integrate with payroll systems.
  • And much more…

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