Visual overview of projects, tasks and resources

Visual Overview Gantt
Visual Overview Gantt

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Gantt – a simple tool

EazyProject Gantt is a unique tool for visualising a project plan. Projects, tasks and resources can be edited and moved with just a few clicks – while retaining the overview.

Gantt shows the project’s timeline and the hierarchy of the tasks, and you can opt to activate the WBS number for additional user-friendliness.

You can easily ‘connect’ the tasks via dependencies, and take ‘snapshots’ via the tool’s baseline management. This gives you a complete overview of both deadlines and milestones.

Gantt is for anyone who wishes to get an overview of

  • The project’s timeline
  • Task hierarchy
  • Deadlines and Milestones
  • Direct changes
  • Task order
  • Allocation of employees

Baseline and Milestones

Make a comparison with the original project plan

What is a baseline?

Baseline is a powerful tool for following up on and visualising changes and delays in the project schedule.

Gantt baseline is used to show a ‘picture’ of the project’s planned timeline in relation to the changes that have been made during the project’s execution. You can thus visually compare the original project plan with the changes that have been made.

Multiple baselines can be created and saved per project, so that selected changes can be regularly saved and the evaluation of a project is thus greatly improved.

What are milestones?

A milestone is a partial goal in the progression of a project and can be calculated on the basis of time registrations or manually via a slider. EazyProject Gantt gives you the opportunity to personalise your project visually by defining your milestones in the colour of your choice.


Gantt offers four different dependencies in connection with ‘start’ to ‘finish’. This makes managing the project more flexible and allows you to retain a visual overview throughout the entire process.

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Invite in "read-only" mode

Structure and organise your tasks

What is a ‘critical path’?

A critical path is a sequence of tasks that absolutely cannot be delayed – otherwise the entire project will be delayed. Critical paths also determine the shortest time in which the project can be completed.

Flexible sorting

The order of the tasks can easily be changed by ‘pulling’ the name of the task up or down. A task can be pulled in or out and a project can thus be changed and developed on an ongoing basis.

What is WBS?

WBS or Work Breakdown Structure is used to structure and organise tasks in Gantt via a logical numbering system. The entire EBS structure/hierarchy is generated automatically in relation to the sorting and placing of the tasks. If you do not need this function, you can quickly hide it.

Share your Gantt chart with others

If you wish to share your Gantt chart with other employees, either internally or externally, you can easily ‘invite’ people in read-only mode. This allows selected employees to follow your project without them being able to move anything about or edit.

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