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Visually and user-friendly

Task Management System

The less time you have to spend on administrative work, the more time you have for the project. Therefore, it should be easy and intuitive to work in EazyProject.

We continuously develop and refine the solution so that you as a customer always get the best and most up-to-date solution on the market.

We have been developing software for web based hourly management since 2002.

Avoid duplication

Use the right tools

Digital hour registration and case management ensures overview and efficient administration and billing.

We focus on ensuring that employees, project managers, the CFO and partners always have the tools at hand that they need.

We make sure that EazyProject is easy to use and that you and your company get the most value from the solution.

Planning Pro

Why choose EazyProject

Task management?

We know that the less time you have to spend on administrative work, the more time you have for the project. Therefore our goal is to make EazyProject easy and intuitive to work with.

It’s all about developing
We are continually developing and refining the solution so that you, the customer, always get the best and most time-saving solution on the market.

We are focused on ensuring that employees, project managers, case architects, financial officers and partners always have the tools they need close to hand. We make sure that EazyProject is easy to use and that you and your company achieve the greatest possible value from the solution.

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Online Project management

Online Project management

The project manager

As project manager you can, with relatively few elements, create an overview of your case. You have full control over the case finances and the employee scheduling for the project.

Project planning via ‘drag & drop’ ensures that you can plan the workload easily and immediately see the consequences for the DB factor. The estimated factor is continually measured against the ambition factor.

If the project is delayed or if more hours are spent than those budgeted, the consequences of this can also be seen almost right away. See the consequences when you staff with different employees.

The partner and the financial officer

Overview of holidays, absences and flex accounts

Heatmap Planning Pro EazyProject
Heatmap Planning Pro EazyProject

State and finances of the case

Based on information from employees and project managers, as a partner or financial officer you regularly receive a clear and updated picture of the status and finances of the case.

How are the different types of cases progressing and which of them are earning us money?
What stage are the individual cases at and how are the individual case factors looking?
What value has the work procured up until now?
When will we have time to take on more cases and how many people will we need to hire if new cases are started up?

Holidays, absences and flex accounts

Integration with the most used finance systems, payroll systems and whatever else is needed in terms of integrations. For example, you can receive supplier invoices from the finance system in EazyProject that ‘land on’ the correct cases.

The opportunity to design multiple invoice templates and work with different invoicing companies in the same solution. Electronic invoicing directly from EazyProject to your customer.

App EazyProject

The employee

Register hours on your mobile phone

As an employee, it should be easy to register your hours, plan your holidays and time off in lieu and generally retain a complete overview of your own tasks.

Via your mobile phone or the EazyProject website you have access to all the available information and in just a few clicks you can register your hours, the distance driven in your own car or submit expenses to the company. You also have the opportunity to take a picture of your invoice and add it to your expense sheet (via App for Apple and Android).

As an employee, you can follow the allocated hours of your tasks and regularly compare them with your actual hours spent.

With EazyProject you always have a complete overview of the things that are relevant to you:

  • What is the status of my flex account at any given date?
  • What does the account look like for the different types of absence e.g. holiday, what have I spent, what have I planned and what do I have left?
  • What kind of expenses have I accrued?
  • What mileage have I driven in my own car?
  • How many hours have I registered in a particular week for the various projects and cases?
  • How many hours do I have left on a case before the budget has been spent?
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Remuneration allocation

Management and overview

Do you work with large cases where there is a need to divide up a fee between different interested parties and to divide it out over phases?

If so, a remuneration allocation can give you an overview and management of the remuneration. Naturally, there is also the opportunity to work with a risk pool in terms of the remuneration.

It is possible to choose between entering data in either percentage allocation or allocation in a currency of your choice.

If you use remuneration allocation, then there is also good reason to choose budget planning in Budget Pro

Budget Pro

Task Management has never been easier

Plan on a general level with both cost and sales prices and if you wish to come right down to employee level, then this is also possible.

Budget planning is based on the created project, duration and tasks and is thus very easy to access. It is also possible to choose the information/detail level so that you only need to occupy yourself with what is relevant.

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System and message rules

EazyProject’s system and message rules make it easy for you to automate your company’s internal workflows.

Define when and what rules to set up, and what information to disclose.

Automatic setup:

  • Absence
  • Follow-up projects
  • Leads approval
  • Time Tracking
  • And much more
Powerful software for you and your business

All data and information

In one Dashboard

EazyProject Dashboard is the most effective way to keep an eye on and control, among other things. reports, time, budget etc. simultaneously. Through various Widgets and Features, access to all Eazyproject’s solutions and data.

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