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Our consultants have never found it easier to register their hours – also via their smartphones when they are on the go.
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What is a time tracking software?

A time tracking software is a digital tool that helps organizations to track employees’ working time and attendance. This type of software offers time management features such as time tracking, time scheduling, time entry and time recording. Time tracking software is designed to help teams and employees stay on task, track job progress and accurately record time spent on specific tasks or projects.

What are the benefits of using a time tracking software for employees?

Comprehensive overview of the time their employees spend on various tasks and projects. By tracking time, managers can better analyze how work time is actually being used, enabling them to plan more efficiently and identify areas in need of improvement. Another benefit of time tracking software is that it allows companies to set realistic time goals and budgets based on real data. For example, businesses can track employee time over multiple projects to get detailed cost estimates which can then be used to plan for future projects. Additionally, a time tracking tool eliminates time entry errors thanks to real-time data entry, meaning better accuracy when invoicing clients.

Eazyproject’s all-in-one time tracking software offers many benefits for businesses looking to maximize their efficiency, reduce costs, and stay on target with their goals. Our time tracking software for employees offers companies an effective way to monitor performance levels, detect trends across projects and departments, develop clearer objectives aligned with budget and resource constraints precisely, and become more organized in assigning tasks – all while providing a holistic view of current progress and future performance opportunities.

Online Time Tracking App

Eazyproject time tracking software is a perfect solution for either small or large businesses

Eazyproject’s time tracking tool is the perfect time tracking solution for any business. Its user-friendly and intuitive interface allows anyone to set up and run time tracking quickly and easily, without requiring training which makes it an ideal solution for either small or large businesses looking to optimize their time management capabilities. In addition, it supports time tracking on both desktop and mobile devices, giving users a flexible way to track time. 

Additionally, the dashboard allows you to easily view your team’s progress, giving you the insight necessary to make strategic decisions on how best to utilize resources. No matter what type of organization you have, Eazyproject time tracking software is an invaluable tool that will help increase efficiency and improve the overall effectiveness of your business operations.

A quick and simple interface


EazyProject’s time tracking solution offers a simple interface for entering hours, mileage,  travel expenses etc.

It is simple, fast and lets you and your team track work hours across projects, clients and tasks.

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Eazyproject app for time tracking

EazyProject App

Quick and easy

EazyProject offers mobile time registration via an app for iPhone and Android or via the mobile Web App for iPhone and Android.

If you need to register hours in areas with poor mobile phone coverage, you can use the EazyProject app, which supports both online and offline time management.

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Powerful software for you and your business


All data and information

In the EazyProject Dashboard you can see all invoices for both months and years. Through circle and bar charts you get the full overview and can quickly review all data.

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Online Project management

Registration for holidays and absences

Track your hours

Follow your registrations

EazyProject is a complete solution for registering holidays and absences. Personal reports mean that the employee can track their own hours spent, flex account, holidays taken and holidays remaining.

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As tasks are visibly displayed on the mobile phone, things can be taken care of right away, as EazyProject effectively pairs up tasks with the employees that are available.
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Clock-in and clock-out times

Different needs

As all businesses have different approaches to time registration, we have developed a very flexible approach to registering when people clock in and clock out.

  • Calculate flex hours based on clock in-clock out
  • Enter clock-in and clock-out times or use the stop watch
  • Handling absences and holidays
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Expenses and mileage

Attach expenses

An expense could be meal allowances, overtime, tickets, miscellaneous expenses or materials.

  • Quick and easy handling of expenses
  • Take pictures with your smartphone and attach them easily to an expense
  • Simple two-step approval flow
  • Travel and other expenses are ‘posted’ easily on projects
  • Enter via computer, tablet or mobile phone
  • Both online and offline via App
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