Travel expenses, other expenses and mileage

Enter via a computer, tablet or mobile phone



Register different currencies

Expenses can be registered in different units and currencies (per item, metres, DKK, Euro) according to individual requirements.

Example of registration of expenses

If an employee has had expenses in connection with paying for a lunch abroad, the expenses can be registered in both Danish and foreign currencies and a comment can be attached.

An expense could include meal allowances, overtime, tickets, miscellaneous expenses or materials.

  • Set up an expense via Internet or mobile phone
  • Set up an expense in different currencies
  • Obtain a quick overview using expense reports
  • Manager approval of expenses
  • Export of expenses to Excel, payroll and finance systems


Retrieve mileage reports

Mileage can be registered in both hours and kilometres.

All mileage can be retrieved and printed out in a mileage report that complies with the Danish Tax Authority SKAT’s requirements.

  • Supports mileage in own car – high/low rate
  • Overview via mileage reports
  • Export to Excel, payroll and finance systems

Material consumption

Material consumption for a task can be registered directly via the timesheet. Material consumption is included in reports and can be invoiced on equal footing with hours, mileage and expenses.

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