System and message rules

Automate your administrative workflows


EazyProject makes it easy

Automatic robots

Via a virtual robot in EazyProject, the administrative processes are handled for you.

The robot’s tasks are defined using EazyProject’s various system and message rules, which make it easy for you to automate the company’s internal workflow.

Streamline your workflow

You define when and what rules to run, as well as what information to pass on to your employees.

Rules are handled by the robot and run automatically and according to your defined framework, saving time and streamlining workflows.

Work smarter

Define your own rules


Regelopsætning i EazyProject

EazyProject systemregler

The System Rules

The system rules in EazyProject automatically perform specific tasks in EazyProject that you define yourself.

This could be inserting automatic absence for sick employees, anonymizing employees after stopping work, and anonymizing customers after a completed project.


Available system rules:


“Anonymize after termination”, according to GDPR, a system rule can be set up that automatically anonymises, for example, the employees after the collaboration has ended.

“Automatic absenteeism”, when an employee is on sick leave, the system can automatically make an absence until the employees are well again.

“Automatic manager approval”, which guides the employees’ weekly timesheets automatically, when the employees themselves have approved them.


EazyProject Brugerregler

The Message Rules

The Message rules of EazyProject, send messages and / or emails to specific users and inform them of missing tasks.

This may be, for example, failure to approve the weekly note and / or absence, as well as a message to the project manager when x% of the budget is achieved.


Available Message Rules


“Consecutive absence” (in connection with reimbursement). Define x number of sick days and when an employee reaches this number, a notification will be sent out to the nearest manager.

“Failure to Approve timesheet”, here, users are informed of the failure to approve their weekly timesheet, in deciding for themselves when and how often the message should be sent.

“Follow-up projects”, the project manager receives a message x number of days before a project completion.

“Follow-up tasks”, the project manager receives a message when registrations on a task reach x% of the budgeted.

“Absence follow-up”, the manager notifies if the employee has requested absence.

“ToDo”, which sends a message if there are exceeded activities.

“Lack of managerial approval of timesheet”, the nearest manager receives a message about which weekly notes are missing managerial approval.

Remember to track your time

Does your employees often forget to fill out their weekly notes?


Regelopsætning sygdom og fravaer

Time Tracking is important

Track of time in the timesheet can form the basis for further invoicing as well as provide an insight into how the company’s resources are used.

It is therefore important that employees remember to register their hours so that you get an updated picture of the resources and the finances.

Automatic reminder

In the message features in EazyProject, you are able to set up a rule that automatically sends a reminder to your employees who has forgotten to fill out their timesheet.

You define when and how often this reminder should be issued – allowing it to be customized to your business structure and requirements.

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