EazyProject Planning

Use your resources correctly and save time, mistakes and money

Planning Pro EazyProject
Planning Pro EazyProject

Staff your projects

EazyProject Planning is the fastest and easiest way to schedule your employees across projects and tasks.

Plan visually with drag & drop – you can finally stop using Excel-resembling screen displays.

It’s never been easier to plan projects and tasks. With just a few clicks you can staff the project and, based on different calculation models, you can see the workload and costs.

The scheduling can be used very generally and simply or it can be used in a much more advanced and detailed way while still being very simple to use.


EazyProject Planning offers zoom on 7 different levels, which display days, weeks and months respectively. Zoom with the aid of a user-friendly slider bar and schedule from one month to three years using the seven zoom levels.


Project and task bars

This gives a graphic display of the duration of projects and tasks in relation to start and end dates. This is illustrated with a thin ‘time bar’ at the top of each project and task line similar to a mini Gantt chart.

Besides the financial rewards, we can also use EazyProject as a scheduling tool; thereby doing everything we can to avoid bottlenecks and overworked employees in our organisation.
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See employees' workload

The Heat Map in Planning

Heatmap Planning Pro EazyProject
Heatmap Planning Pro EazyProject

What is the Heat Map?

The Heat Map works quite simply by displaying the workload of employees using different colours.

You can also switch between viewing the workload figures and viewing ‘hours remaining’. The latter is the average hours spent on a task minus the workload figure.

Easy to navigate

  • Schedule with drag & drop
  • Unique tool for scheduling
  • Overview and transparency of all resources in your company
  • Schedule with even distribution of task budget
  • Schedule with hours per day
  • Schedule with % of normal hours per day
  • Schedule based on the heat map
  • Planning is directly integrated with holidays/absences
  • Planning is directly integrated with the calendar

Features in the Heat Map

The budget & estimates column
This shows a new column with two figures: budgeted hours and estimated hours.

The ‘scheduled’ column
This shows a new column with two figures, scheduled and total scheduled.
The ‘planned’ figure shows the total number of scheduled hours from today’s date looking forward.

The ‘total scheduled’ figure shows the total number of scheduled hours, including hours scheduled for earlier than ‘today’.

Show a warning if there is a change to scheduling
If this function is checked a red symbol will appear for each project, or if changes are made to scheduling, after estimates have been transferred for user allocation.

Show factors
This displays a new column with two figures, Ambition Factor and Allocation Factor.
These two factors are also displayed at the top of the page and are calculated based on the projects displayed.

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