Enable outlay in the weekly note

In EazyProject, employees typically create outlays through:

Hours, km & expenses> Expenses

However, this is also possible by activating outlays directly in the weekly note.

This requires, if possible, activated under the individual outlay.

Go to:

Administration> Types> Layout Types> Edit or create a new post

You can enable her by pressing the pencil next to the required layouts, enable it to appear in the weekly note, by ticking the show in weekly note.

When you press create new, you can also tick the show in weekly note.

When you are ticked on a weekly note, the employee will be able to choose the outlay type, men’s registrar time and eventual driving.

When outlays are created directly in the weekly note, they are NOT shown in the comment window afterwards, however they can always be seen in the report my outlays or via hours, km & outlays> Outlays.