Time Types on a Project budget

NOTE! This FAQ applies only if hourly types are used to indicate the cost and sales prices of employees.

If in doubt, check the Members tab in the project form and see if it is possible for people assigned to the project to enter a project member price. If a sales price can be entered here, use the Create Project Budget FAQ with Project Member Prices.

In the project form under the Budget tab, the finances of the project are created and calculated.

In the Time Budget (Hours) field, the sum of all tasks’ budgets is displayed.

If you set a check mark Calculate automatically (cost price * db) and press save, the project’s sales price is calculated in the Time budget field (DKK). This is done solely based on the task budget multiplied by the hour type.

If you work with a fixed price project, the agreed price is entered in the Timebudget (DKK) field and a check mark is set inFast price.

A budget can be entered for the expected disbursement of km-money (expected consumption on driving).

It is possible to add other financial items to the project budget by using Add Budget.

From the drop down list, select the budget item to be added (the list contains the types of outlay created with unit DKK in the administration menu).

Enter cost and sales prices on the budget

If the budget line is included in the fixed price, the selling price is set at DKK 0

In the lower part of the screen the calculations of respectively. cost and sales prices, DB Budget%, DB Factor, DB Budget and the note for the individual budget lines.

During budget preparation, it is possible to draw three reports, which can be printed directly or opened in PDF.