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How to use the EazyProject App

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The first time you log in, enter your customer-specific URL on your EazyProject solution.

Eg. : xxx.eazyproject.net – where xxx is the name of your company.

NOTE! It is possible to save the login settings so that you do not have to log in every time.

App til Tidsregistreringssystem
Tidsregistrerings App til forbrug af tid


When you log in to the APP, you can view your menu items by tapping the three lines at the top left. Of these, you typically have access to the following:

  • Time Recording
  • Expenses
  • Travel
  • Help
  • Settings
  • log out

If you press help, you will be directed to the EazyProject support page where you can access various manuals.

Under settings you can change your username and change your password, you can also change the language from Danish to English.

If there are menu items that do not appear, it is because the user’s role has not been assigned to these accesses.

The access can be linked to the user by logging into the web system and going to:

Administration > Roles > View Roles > Edit > Go to the Access App tab

Time Tracking

Date – You can change the day forward or back by one day at a time by swiping left or right.

Alternatively, you can select week ahead or back by “Swipe” in the part of the screen that shows the days (M-T-W-T-F-S-S).

At the bottom of the screen, the sum of hours recorded for that day, the normal time for that day and the flex balance incl. today.

At the top of the screen, the date and corresponding week number are displayed.

Choice of project assignment
By pressing the “plus” sign in the upper right corner, the list of projects of which the user is a project member appears. The parentheses show the number of tasks available in the project (tasks that the user is assigned to). For many projects, you can search by project name or project number.

If a project is selected, the list of tasks available for time registration appears. It is also possible to filter on tasks that are in favorites (and filter on projects that have tasks that are in favorites).

You do this by touching the “star icon” (in the upper right corner).

Tasks are added to favorites by tapping the star icon in front of the task name.

If a task is selected it is possible to enter time in hours and decimals (both comma and period can be used as separator).

If the date is changed, the time record will be saved on this date. A comment can be attached to a time record.

The time can also be registered with a stopwatch, using the “Start stopwatch” function (A non-stop task will have a light blue color on the front of the day and the time will still run).

At the stop of the stopwatch, the start and end time as well as the total time will be shown in the comment box.

Save your registrations
Once the time record is in place, it can be saved by pressing “Save” in the upper right corner. If you cancel, you can return to the previous screen via “Cancel” or the time registration can be deleted via the “Delete time registration” button at the bottom.

It is possible to approve hours day by day, by pressing the blue “Approve” button at the bottom.

A dialog box appears to ensure that the user wants to approve and thus close the day for further registrations and changes (time and driving registrations).

When the day is approved, the save button disappears and it says “Approved” in green.

When a record is saved, a Recycle icon (two arrows) appears in the upper left corner, indicating that there are records that have not yet been synchronized with the web solution.

By dragging down the image, the phone app is synchronized with the web solution.

The following is synced:

  • Project Membership
  • Task allocations
  • Project / assignment status
  • Time records
  • Comments and approvals

The main rule of synchronization is that the web solution is controlling in inconsistencies.


Registration of expenses is done in much the same way as time records.

You select the project and task, then fill in all fields and the registration can be saved and synchronized.

It is also possible to save images and “attach” them to a posting registration. To do this, press the camera symbol in the upper right corner.

After a picture has been taken (or selected one that is already on the mobile phone), they are displayed under “View pictures” in the registration overview. Here you can also delete images from the App.


Driving registration is done in much the same way as time registrations.
You select the project and task, then fill in all fields and the registration can be saved and synchronized.


Here you will find an overview of all kanban boards you can access. By tapping a board name, you will see an overview of all kanban cards, one column at a time. Swiping right or left allows you to switch to another column.

A new map can be created by pressing the plus sign in the upper right corner. Next to the plus sign there is a sync symbol. Touching the icon will sync the phone with the web solution.

It is possible to access more information and edit the map by tapping it.

If you rotate the phone from portrait to landscape, you can see several columns at a time.

Development of the App

The EazyProject Time Tracking App is developed in collaboration with Miracle.