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How the EazyProject menu works

The menu at the top
The first time you log in to EazyProject, the menu appears at the top. If you want to hide this, click your profile picture and select user profile, then open your profile page where you can choose hide top menu.

The menu on the left
The menu on the left of the screen is hidden the first time you log into your EazyProject solution. If you want to show or hide the left menu, this is done by clicking the arrow at the far left of the screen

If a menu is opened or closed, this is remembered by the system and stored in your user name. When you log in again or log on to the system from another device (tablet / mobile), the menu items are displayed / opened from your last login.

NOTE! If you use the system from a smaller screen or tablet / mobile, it is recommended to hide the menu to the left.

Administration and user menu

The Eazyproject menu is divided into user menu and administration, which appears at the top right under your profile picture.
If you only have access to one of the menus, the field will be empty.

Administration contains the fields that you typically use in the startup of Eazyproject and then only rarely changes in. User menu contains the fields you use daily.

NOTE! The same layout is shown in the left menu