Create a credit note

A credit note can be created in two ways:

Create a credit note based on an invoice.

Choose Finance> View Invoices from the menu

Click the pencil icon next to the invoice to be credited

In the upper right corner of the screen, click the Create Credit Note button

A credit note journal is created and opened based on the selected invoice.

Manually create a credit note

From the menu, choose Finance> Create Invoice

Select Credit note and customer and correct if necessary. invoice date

Click next and the invoice form will open

Manually add items from item list

1. Under Obtain from item list, select an item and click the Get Item button.

2. The selected item is inserted in the fields below.

3. If necessary, change the item number, item text, quantity or unit price.

4. Click the Add to Order button to add the item as a line item in the invoice journal.

Repeat the four steps to add more items.

NOTE! Item lines can then be corrected by clicking directly on the item line.

Approve / lock a credit note

When you have finished adding item lines in the draft, the credit note must be approved and locked. After that, data can no longer be corrected.

Click the Authenticate Billing button to approve and lock the credit note.

Once approved, a credit note can:

1. Print as pdf – click on the pdf icon

2. Sent as email – click on the email icon

.3 Transfer to e-conomic – click on the Export Invoice to e-conomic button (the button will only be available when e-conomic integration has been created – see how under ‘e-conomic setup’).