How to create a payment plan

Under the Billing tab in the project form, you have the option to create a rate plan.

In the Add payment date line, fill in with date (calendar popup or write in format DD-MM-YYYY)

Rate type is selected (which can be chosen between Fixed and Proposed, where fixed is a fixed price rate and proposed is expected in time)

Ratebeløbet indtastes. Knappen Tilføj, tilføjer raten til oversigten


The overview shows the individual rates, the sum of the rates and the budget of the project. Bottom line Difference, shows the difference between the budget created and the rate plan.

For each line it is possible to:

1. Delete a Rate Schedule (Access Prohibited Icon) Create an Invoice Based on Project Billing (see separate FAQ)

2. View the expected payment date

3. Type

4. Amount

5. See the name of the person who made the most recent changes

6. See date for creating invoice draft

7. See invoice number either with link to invoice journal or to pdf of invoice journal

8. See invoice amount

Rate Schedule can also be seen in the Project Billing report (see separate FAQ)