All registrations

With the report all registrations, you can – as the name implies – get an overview of what registrations are on your projects and tasks.

You can access the report at:

(User menu) > Reports & Tools > see the Administrative tab > All records

The report shows registrations in the form of expenses, hours, driving and various expenses, it also shows whether the registrations are invoiced, as well as the number and total amount the registrations receive.


The report gives you access to 6 different groupings – of which you choose how many groupings you want to use.

The groupings define the columns that appear in the report, however the column number and total are always visible.

The order of your groupings, defines the order of the columns and thereby the view of the report.

If you press one of the column titles, the report will sort by the title you have pressed.

Filters and view

At the far left, you have access to a date filter and a quick filter.

Når du anvender datofiltret, kan du definerer start– og slutdato for din visning.

Using. The Quick filter allows you to search for all the data contained in the report, eg a given employee.

You also have access to filters in the form of customer, project, task and employee, as well as define which customer numbers you want to see data from.

Over View report, you can check invoiced and show not invoiced – this gives you an overview of which units (hours, km, outlay ..) are invoiced and which are missing.

You can also check certain subtotals to see the middle bills.

NOTE! If you have any questions about the report or have trouble accessing it, you can always contact our support.