Cost and selling prices

During the projects and employees’ time, there may be changes in cost and sales prices.

For example, there may be a need to change the employees ‘cost price, retroactively, it may also be necessary to change the cost and sales price for certain registrations and then it may be necessary to update the employees’ cost and sales price for individual projects.

You can use EazyProject to handle these changes, which is covered in the following.

From this we will review:

Creating Hour Types

Employees can be assigned a type of hour, which is defined by a cost and sale price. Cost and sales price from the hour type will per. default is transferred when employees are allocated to a project – prices can be adjusted for each project.

You create the hour types via:

Administration> Types> Create Hour Types

Here, for the hour type, name the hour type, and enter the sale price and cost price for the hour type.

You can also select a valid from date, which is typically set to the date, if you want it to be valid in time, the hour type must first be assigned to the employee before valid per. date can be changed – this is described in the below.

You also have to assign a part number to the hour type, which is used when billing the hours.

Before the hour type appears and can be assigned to the individual user, it must have status active.

Press save

NOTE! Time types can NOT be validated after the date, if you must use the hour type after the date, you can assign the hour type status pause and change to active when the hour type is to be used.

Assign hour types to employees

Time types must be assigned individually to users, this is done via:

Administration> Users> Users> Press edit below the user

Here you can assign a default hour type to the user under the master data tab.

This type of hour will automatically appear when the employees are allocated to a project.

You can always customize this type of hour for each project.

Edit hour types

If you want to edit the hour types, do this via:

Administration> Types> Show hour types

Here you can by pressing the pencil next to the current type, edit the name, cost and sale price and valid from date, for the hour type.

Changing the hour types and how this affects the projects is discussed below.

Retroactively changing cost prices

If the employee’s hourly rate needs to be changed back in time – for the employee’s allocated projects – this can be done on the individual type of hour – go to:

Administration> Types> Show hour types

Here you can choose to change the valid from date.
When this is changed, it will change the cost of the projects for which the employees are allocated – retroactively.

There are ONLY cost prices that change on the projects, so the selling price will remain the same and will not change back in time.

If you create a new hour type and want it to work retroactively, the hour type must first be assigned to the employee before you change the valid from date – hereby:

  • Create an hour type
  • Assign to the employee
  • Edit “valid from date”

Change of registered cost and sale prices
If you want to change selected cost and sale prices back in time, this can be done via the right timestamp – this will be reviewed below.

Update the price for individual projects
If you want to change the cost and sale price for individual projects, this can be done via the update project member prices feature – this will be reviewed below.

Correct timestamp

When employees register time, the employee’s cost and sales price is allocated to the registration.
If you want to correct individual records so that they enter with a different cost and / or sale price, this is done using the report rather timestamp.

Go to:

Reports & Tools> Administrative> Correct timestamp

Here you can find the records that you want to change using the various filters.

Press search

Here you will see a list of the different registrations, as well as the cost and sales price that has been registered.

If you have checked a log, you will see an overview of any changes made to the records.

To change the displayed listings, simply enter a cost and / or sale price, and then press change for displayed.

When you press change for displayed, ALL records that are displayed change if individual records do not need to be changed, you can use the filters to delimit.

NOTE! Correct timestamp, only fix cost and / or sales price before the deadline, it will NOT be effective when registering after the deadline.

Update project member prices

If you want to change the project prices of the employees – with the future – for selected or all projects, this is done through:

Administration> Miscellaneous> Update Project Member Prices

Here you will see an overview of which projects the employee is registered on as well as what cost and selling prices are registered.

To update all cost and sales prices, enter the new cost and / or sales price at the top and press Update.

If you only want to change the individual, write the new cost and / or sales price next to the rewarding project and press the right information at the bottom of the page.

NOTE! When you apply updated project member prices, these are corrected from the deadline. and does NOT apply retroactively.