Invoice layout setup

In Eazyproject you have the opportunity to work with 3 different invoice templates – through the templates you can customize the layout to be used on the invoice yourself.

Go to:

Administration > Miscellaneous > Invoice Template

Create an invoice template

Select template
Here you select at the top left which template you want to create.

The right-hand menu
At the far right, all the available fields for the invoice are listed. Here you can, by setting / removing the check mark in the fields, choose which boxes to include in the template.

You can move the fields in the invoice template, either by drag & drop or by changing the numbers under the columns left and top. Likewise, you can change the font, size and make the text bold.

Company logo
If you want to upload a company logo, it is recommended that no logos with a height above 150px are used, as well as be aware that the image file used must be in one word.

Invoice example
By ticking the invoice example pdf button, you will see an invoice sheet of your template.

Save your template
When you are satisfied with your template, press Save / Update.

If you want to restore the template back to the starting point, press reset.

Enter information about the company in the invoice template

Information about your business to be added to the invoice is entered via:

Administration > Miscellaneous > System Setup

Here you can fill in information about the company, eg address, CVR and bank details. This information will appear when you create an invoice and when you press the invoice example pdf.

Hereby you can quickly get an overview of whether your invoice contains all the desired and relevant information.

Press save

If you want to use invoice templates, but it is not available in your system, please contact our support.