Setting up overtime

If you want the employees to enter their overtime and any. select a given rate for overtime, this can be done in Eazyproject – go to:

Administration> Miscellaneous> System Setup

Scroll down and find the heading Overtime Setup.

Here you can pick up overtime must be available in the weekly note, and whether it should be included in the flex calculation, here you simply tick:

  • Enable overtime fields in weekly note
  • Overtime is included in flex calculation.

If the overtime is to be calculated with a tariff, you can enter a text here, as well as the percentage of extra to be added to the overtime hours.

Press Save / Update

Entering overtime

Employees enter their overtime directly into the weekly bill, go to:

Hours, km & expenses > Weekly note

The employee must first enter his / her hours, next to the relevant task.

Then, overtime can enter overtime, by tapping the blue comment icon and going to overtime.

Here, the employee can distribute the overtime hours in the specified fields.

The overtime is calculated based on the employee’s daily norm, whereby when the employee enters the overtime, it will be apparent how much remains to be typed.

Extraction of data

If you want a comprehensive overview of employees’ overtime, you can benefit from drawing a large timer report – go to:

User Menu> Reports & Tools> Project Manager> Large Timer Report

Here you can access personal setup and check the overtime either as a filter or part of the list.

You can find more information about the setups in the big timer report here.