Distribution Fee

If you are working on a project with a fixed price and you want an overview of the fee distribution, you can use the Distribution Fees function.

Go to:

Finance > Distribution Fees

First you have to find and choose the project you must create a fee desitribution for.

The workflow when creating a distribution fee:

  • Insert the Distribution fee total
  • Choose the Input type, either Percentage or DKK (project currency)
  • Fill out the Fee distritribution per task
  • If you are working with one or more suppliers, remeber to add them and the supplier fee as well

Next step

When you have created the fee distribution, the next step is to access Budget Pro, where you can complete your budget.

You can access the Budget Pro by using the shortcut function in Distribution fees.

You can also access Budget Pro directly through the finance tab – go to:

Finance > Budget Pro