Customers and suppliers

How to create customers and contacts

How to create a costumer

Kunder & crm > Opret kunde

You must at least fill in the Company field here. If the customer number field is not filled in, Eazyproject will create a customer number itself. However, it is always possible to edit the information.

The Save / Update button can then be pressed. Subsequently, tabs will be created, where possible, to create contacts, campaigns, customer logins and service plans.

How to create a contact

You create a contact under Customers menu items. You then have to click on the pen to edit the customer’s information.

Then go to the contacts tab. Here it will be possible to add a new contact.

When one or more of the fields contact, position, mobile phone, telephone and email are filled in, press the Save / Update button. The new contact will then appear at the bottom of the page.