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Customer and supplier directory

It creates value to create customers and suppliers in EazyProject, as it facilitates the creation of projects, registration of supplier invoices and invoicing, as well as contributing with overview and history.


You will find the customer directory under the menu item:

User menu > Customers & crm > View customers

When you need to create a new customer, it takes place under the menu item:

User menu > Customers & crm > create customer

When you create a customer, you must first fill in the relevant master data and then press save / update

Subsequently, additional master data about the customer can be added, related to:

  • Contacts, Customer Contact (s)
  • Invoicing, customer billing data
  • Customer logging, enables the customer to log in to EazyProject and view the company’s time consumption, project files and / or Gantt Pro
  • Service plan, here you can describe and create a service plan for the customer

If you want to update or edit a customer, it is done through:

User menu > Customers & crm > View customers

Then, by tapping on the pencil, you can edit and update the customer’s information


You will find the supplier directory under:

User menu > Customers & crm > View suppliers

When you create suppliers, they must have associated one or more vendor types so that you can register a vendor invoice. Since you both have to choose the supplier and the supplier type in the registration.

You create vendor types under the menu item:

Administration > Types > Create vendor type

Once you have created supplier types, you create the vendor by using the menu item:

User menu > Customers & crm > Create vendor