E-invoicing in EazyProject

Customer card

First and foremost, customers must be reviewed to ensure that at least a correct CVR number has been entered on the customer card. An EAN number can also be entered (cvr number must still be entered) and if this is entered, the invoice will be sent to the EAN number.

If an e-invoice is to be sent to a private person, the CVR number is set to 00000000 and the person’s email must be applied to the customer card

If you want to be able to send an e-invoice to the customer, you must put a check mark in “Send e-invoice”.

Create invoice

When an invoice is created, it is possible to opt out of sending the individual invoice as an e-invoice by removing the check mark on the invoice

If the EAN is changed directly on the invoice (even without updating the customer card), the invoice will be sent to this EAN number.

Send e-invoice and send draft to Financial system

If EazyProject is integrated with an accounting system, the function “Send e-invoice” is included in the button “Send approved invoices”.

The status of sending invoices can be seen in the column “Exported”

It is possible to send only the e-invoice and also to re-send the e-invoice, without re-sending to the financial system. This is done on the individual invoice.

Send e-invoice without integration to financial system

If the EazyProject solution is NOT integrated with an accounting system, in “Show invoices” there will be a button for sending all approved invoices that have not yet been sent.

Status fields

Below is a list of possible status values regarding sending

Status ValueExplanation
e-invoice not sentInvoice / credit note not sent
e-invoice sentInvoice / credit note shipped
e-invoice read by recipientInvoice / credit note read by recipient
e-invoice failed – contact supportInvoice / credit note – error occurred contact EazyProject support
e-invoice rejected by recipientInvoice / credit note has been rejected by recipient
UnknownInvoice / credit note not yet shipped
PDF exportedInvoice / credit note is created and sent as pdf
SubmittedExported to accounting system and NOT as e-invoice