Ambition and allocation factor

In EazyProject you can get an overview of a project’s finances and progress using ambition and allocation factor.


The allocation factor is an estimate and is calculated based on spent and planned consumption of hours.

Hours are calculated based on sales price and cost price.

The selling price can be either a fixed price or an hourly rate.

The cost is always an hourly rate.

EazyProject can be set up with several different models for hourly rates.

The allocation factor of a project will continually change through the course of a project – this based on time registration and planning.

Time spent and fixed price
Show a project has gone time, the factor will never change, but on fixed price projects, this factor will change constantly.

If too much time or too expensive employees are used, the allocation factor deteriorates and less time or cheaper employees are used to increase the allocation factor.

Ambition factor

When a project is started up, you can use the project form to specify an ambition factor that is the desired factor on a project.
It is the project manager’s responsibility to manage the allocation factor in relation to the ambition factor.
This can done with the price of the employees, the number of hours or by adding more resources to the project.