Project Management

How to send a mail from a project

As a project manager you have the opportunity to send information to the project participants through the project form.

In connection with staffing (allocation) of the employees for tasks on a project, the project manager can, under the Staffing tab, inform the employees about which tasks they have been allocated to. This is done by tapping Send mail to users about task membership.

Then the employees receive an e-mail with an indication of which tasks they are allocated to and a link to the project. If the project participant does not have the right to edit the project form, the link does not give access to the project.

The Project log

It is also possible to send messages to the employees via the Project Log tab. If you check a message, Inform project team via email, send an e-mail to the project members, while the message is logged on the project.

It is possible to set up automatic messages via events on the project.

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