How to create a user

Before your employees can access EazyProject, they must be created as users in the system.

Go to:

Administration > User> Create User

Here a user form opens where you can fill in the master data on the user.

Master data

This tab contains the most common information about the user. Before you can create a user, you must at least complete: full name, email, username, password and assign the user a role.

The user’s role determines which accesses the user has to the system.

The user’s status must be active if the user is to be able to log into the system. When an employee stops, the status must be set to complete – thus the user can no longer access the system.

This at the same time releases the license, however, all hours, km & out of the user will still be in the system.

Once you have entered the above – press save / update.

Then a new field appears at the bottom of the master data tab, including flex control.

Here you can assign the user a week and day standard by pressing create new flex period.

Additional user data

Once you have saved the save / update, you have the option of filling in additional data about the user. This in the extra tabs that appears after you have pressed save / update.

Personal data

Here the user’s personal data can be entered and a picture can be inserted on the user. These fields are only visible here, so only administrative employees have access to this information.

Salary hourly rate
The employee’s hourly wage can be entered in personal data based on salary hourly rate. This value is used if the employee has, for example, paid overtime.

User files

Here you can upload documents related to the user – this can be evidence of competencies and the like for the individual employee.


If you have many employees who can all do different work, then you assign them competencies. This can facilitate the work of finding the right employee for a project or task – as you can filter by skills in eg Planning Pro.

Administration > Users > Create competencies

You can create more competencies and assign a level of 1-3 for the given competence.

Hardware, mobile, PC, etc.

Here you can make a note if the employees are given some specific hardware, as well as handed out date and possibly return date.

If / when an employee stops and has to return the hardware, a pdf can be printed that is ready for signatures for receipt.

NOTE! You can always access burgers and edit their information via: Administration> Users> Show Users> tap pencil next to the desired user