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Flexible functions

Invoicing should be quick and easy, which is why EazyProject offers user-friendly invoicing.

An overview of the company’s invoices and payment status plus reporting of turnover in user-friendly, real-time graphs is included in EazyProject Finance.

Online access – no installation

  • Automatic entering of hours, mileage, expenses and material consumption to the invoice draft
  • Invoiced expenses, invoice draft, email invoice etc.
  • Project invoicing with project currency
  • Multicompany support
  • Easy export of invoice data to the finance system
  • Payment rates – fixed or time elapsed
Invoicing Basic

Easily accessible

Fast billing

The finance element in EazyProject enables you to set up offers, orders and invoices via the Internet.

There is a common and logical thread running through the system, from the start of a project to time registrations and the approval and invoicing of mileage and expenses.

PDFs and emails
All invoices and credit notes can be printed out or saved as PDF files. They can also be sent as emails directly from the system.

Online and fast invoicing with accurate data

An easy solution

Electronic invoicing

It is possible to use EazyProject’s invoicing to send electronic invoices. It is relatively easy to set up and you can view the status of your message at all times, as well as whether it has been read by the recipient.

If you would rather send the invoice to your customer as a PDF, you can do so with a single click.

The latest technology in this area ensures you get the easiest solution to all your invoicing needs.

Through integration with your finance system we can transfer the information so it can be added to your accounts.

Unique invoicing system

All in one flexible online solution

Invoice Template
Invoice Template

Invoice templates

An invoice can be created in a relatively short amount of time based on an offer, an order or an invoice template.

The offer or order can be closed and copied into a new invoice with a single click so that the offer’s content does not need re-entering. This saves time and minimises the risk of incorrect data entries.

Invoicing potential

There are many different tools available for viewing invoicing potential.
Multiple reports offer a complete overview of time spent, mileage and expenses. The desired data can quickly be transferred to an invoice draft.

Fully integrated invoicing

With project and time management

Invoicing and credit note
Invoicing and credit note

Service Plans and Subscription Management

Service Plans and Subscription Management
EazyProject includes a simple and user-friendly module for managing service plans and subscriptions.

  • Online management of subscriptions and service plans
  • Auto create new orders based on subscriptions
  • Repeat automatically each day, week or month
  • Set up different service intervals for the same customer
  • When nearing the expiry date a message is shown so a new subscription/service plan can be created

Service plans are typically used when a customer needs to be invoiced at fixed intervals (every 3 months, annually etc.). They can be used to manage service visits, subscriptions, maintenance agreements and so on.

Visual financial charts across all platforms

EazyProject financial charts are adapted for the market’s latest tablets, incl. iPad. All financial charts are displayed as images and can thus be printed out, copied or saved.

Each colour provides a quick overview of the chart, which can easily be copied to Word, PowerPoint etc.

Possibilities with multicompany

  • Supports different VAT rates
  • Supports different project currencies
  • Multicompany exports and integration
  • Multicompany with currency supportt
  • Each company has its own invoice layout
  • Each company has its own sequence
With just a few clicks we get a complete overview of all consultancy activity for a specific customer, which makes the invoicing process considerably easier than previously.
Jan Rasmussen,
CapaSystems A/S
offers view

Offers and orders

Automatically generating

With only one click you are able to generate new orders, edit or send a copy by email.

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Full view of all Invoices

The dashboard is role-based and can be customized to each individual employee across the organization. Get an overview of all invoices week by week, month by month, or year by year.

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