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It's unbelievably easy to go into EazyProject and get an overview of tasks, resources, utilisation, holidays, expenses, mileage and invoicing.
Niels Pedersen,
Head of Administration // AKQA

What is a project management software?

A project management software is an essential tool for anyone who coordinates, plans and tracks project tasks. It helps to visualise project timelines by providing you with easy-to-understand project representations that enable you to stay on top of project progress and development.


Eazyproject’s all-in-one project management tool enables you to assign tasks, set project deadlines, and monitor the budget allocated to the project. This makes project management easier and more efficient, allowing project managers to keep track of all their projects as well as complete tasks on time. Moreover, project management software can help in communication between different members of a team by tracking which task is assigned to whom, when it’s due and centralising progress reports in the same place. With our project management software, team members can easily access the right project information, stay on course and ensure that goals are achieved successfully within the given timeline. Simply put, this type of software is a necessity for any organization looking to get anything done efficiently and effectively.

How to choose a project management software?

Choosing project management software is essential for the success of any project. Not only does it help to organize tasks and manage resources, but it also provides project teams with valuable analytics on project performance. When selecting project management software, it’s important to consider user needs, cost, scalability, security measures, and ease of deployment.

User needs include project size and scope, as well as what type of data it must store and process. Cost refers to not only the price of the software itself but also any potential associated costs like maintenance or training. Scalability considerations should focus on whether the program can scale up or down based on project needs. Security should examine user authentication processes and data storage methods. And finally, ease of deployment means that the project team do not need to spend too much time setting up or managing the system – it should be easy for them to get started quickly.

As a client of Eazyproject, it is you and your needs that are in focus. Our experience ensures quality and safety, so you can count on us to deliver the project management software that best fits your needs. We provide dedicated support and training, so you can be sure that your team is up-to-date and ready to go. Try Eazyproject for free and find out how Eazyproject can help you manage your projects more efficiently!

What are the advantages of using a software for project management?

When it comes to project management, the right software can be a real game-changer. By streamlining various processes and providing visibility into project progress, our project management software makes it possible to:

  • collaborate and communicate more efficiently
  • monitor project progress in real-time
  • break complex projects into smaller tasks
  • store and share documents
  • create simple or advanced budgets
  • track time
  • obtain a visual overview of all reports, time, budgets, employees

Gantt Pro

Planning a project's timeline

With Gantt Pro, you obtain an overview of the project’s timeline, hierarchy, deadlines, milestones etc. and can follow the direct changes in the task order and allocation of each employee.

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Intuitive process-oriented tool

Our Kanban tool creates swift communication across the team, and makes project management fun and easy.

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Eazyproject's app dashboard feature.


Visual information

EazyProject Dashboard is a user-friendly tool that provides a detailed and visual overview of all reports, time, budgets, employees, etc.

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Financial management

Simple and advanced budgets

Create either simple or advanced budgets with just a few clicks. It is then easy to work with ongoing budgets and you will always have the best possible estimate for the project’s final result.

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Stor Timerapport registreringer

Flexible Reports

Overview of all registrations

Get a full view of all registrations made in EazyProject down to the smallets detail.

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Portfolio management

Portfolio management

A simple tool for strategic management

EazyProject portfolio management is a unique management tool that offers user-friendly and flexible portfolio reports. A simple tool for strategic management and overviews of all project activities.

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Role management

Organisation and role management

Adapt the solution to each individual team

EazyProject is built up as a central and logical role management module, which allows you to adjust the permissions in the solution for each individual team, department or employee.

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