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Gantt Planlægning Pro Kanban
Gantt Planlægning Pro Kanban

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Structure your Projects


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Visual Planning

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Allocate your employees

Follow the progress of the project

With EazyProject Gantt Pro, you get an overview of the entire project’s progress, and with just a few clicks you can quickly and easily edit and move projects, tasks and resources. Structure and organize your tasks and make your workflow easier.

Reach your deadlines and get overview of the task hierarchy and order, as well as the allocation of your employees.

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Keep the overview

Plan your resources

You plan visually in a user-friendly “cockpit” with drag & drop – so now you finally have to type in an excel-like screen.

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User-friendly hour registration

On all platforms

Infographic showing ways to track time in EazyProject
Infographic showing ways to track time in EazyProject

Simple and easy weekly note for all employees

Through time records, you know exactly how much time you have spent on each task and in this way send accurate invoices to your customers. In continuation with this, EazyProject offers further invoicing, reporting and documentation, as well as a simple integration to the invoicing itself.

Time registrations on your smartphone

The EazyProject Time Tracking App is designed to allow you to easily and quickly record your time, milage and expenses while on the go. You get an overview of your time tracking, flex balance and the App contains a stopwatch that provides very accurate time registrations.

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With Multiple Currencies

Precise invoices on time

EazyProject offers a user-friendly and simple billing system. can create an invoice based on an offer, order or invoice template, which you can then send to your customers.

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Kanban tavle oversigt projektstyring

Create communication

Navigate your workflow

Create communication throughout your team. Get your ideas and assignments written into a digital and visual “whiteboard”, with various “to-do cards”. The cards on the board act as a kind of post-its and messages that you can associate with one or more employees. That way, you can quickly delegate tasks and messages, save valuable time and avoid misunderstandings, and duplicate work. In addition, project management becomes more precise and easier.

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Follow all your records

User-friendly absence system


In EazyProject’s user-friendly absence system, each employee has the opportunity to follow their own hours, flex balance, holiday and vacation days. As a manager you get an overall overview of your employees’ holidays, absences and holiday allowances.

Extract a report and see your employees’ total number of vacation days, holidays held in hours / days, etc.

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