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Besides the financial rewards, we can also use EazyProject as a scheduling tool.
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What is a resource planning software?

A resource planning software is a project management software that helps businesses to plan and optimize the efficient allocation of the employee’s talent while avoiding any collisions or conflicts in project scheduling. The software also provides project managers with visibility into resource load, making it easier to balance individual project assignments across teams.

Planning Pro EazyProject

How can a resource management software help your business?

Eazyproject’s resource planning software is valuable for project managers as it allows them to make informed decisions when allocating project resources in order to maximize efficiency and cost savings. It helps them manage projects better and ensures that project deadlines are met effortlessly through continual monitoring of resource utilization levels. Our resource planning dashboard allows users to have a real-time view of resource utilization, enabling them to assess resource allocation and adjust priorities as needed. Our resource planning tool is often used together with our project management software to achieve the most optimal overview of your projects.

Using a resource planning software can be a tremendous benefit to businesses of all sizes. A proper project planning tool can ensure that your business is running efficiently and maximizing the benefits of limited resources such as staff. However, resource management also requires significant effort in order to allocate resources optimally. This is where resource management software can help.

By using Eazyproject’s resource planning software, your business can save money by ensuring that projects are completed on time, within budget, and with minimal waste. Our resource planning software helps your business to free up time that would otherwise be spent shuffling through spreadsheets trying to make sense of resource allocations.

Through its streamlined process, our resource planning software helps you make the most out of every opportunity while ensuring that the capacity of your team is used wisely – the perfect recipe for success!

Integration in EazyProject

Implementing and using a resource management software

Implementing Eazyproject’s resource management software can help your business to gain a thorough understanding of resource availability, capacity and necessary activities. By centralising all resource information in one place, our resource planning software gives visibility of resource utilisation at every level throughout the organisation, enabling better resource planning and decision-making. It can also facilitate resource forecasting and modelling by integrating with existing operational systems, including financial processes and time management. Additionally, resource management software enables the identification of resource bottlenecks, eliminating risks associated with over-allocation and underutilisation of employees.

Planning Pro EazyProject

Planning Pro

Gain a visual overview

With Planning Pro you can quickly schedule your employees across projects and tasks.

You plan visually in a user-friendly ‘cockpit’ with drag & drop – now you can finally stop entering figures into an Excel-resembling display.

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Calendar management

Plan all your resources

EazyProject offers the opportunity for detailed calendar management that is fully integrated with EazyProject project and resource management.

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Holidays and absences

Complete solution

EazyProject is a complete solution for registering holidays and absences. The user-friendly display allows employees to enter holidays and absences quickly and easily. Rules applicable in foreign countries can also be processed.

  • User-friendly holiday and absence solution
  • See your personal holiday account – online & mobile versions
  • Planning in relation to public holidays
  • Overview of holidays, absences and holiday requests
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Eazyproject's app dashboard feature.


All data and information

EazyProject Dashboard is a visual information tool that shows all your data in different diagrams. This enables you to access your desired data extremely quickly while also retaining an overview.

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