Use the right tool

By Bo Bertelsen, COO at EazyProject

Time recording isn’t just time recording

It can go horribly wrong and get expensive if you don’t spend some time finding the right solution. Our customers often switch to EazyProject because their existing system doesn’t live up to their expectations.

Your new IT system must address your company’s challenges in everyday life.

I often hear that:

  • In the system we use now, you have to click around a lot, just to create a case.

  • The system was sold as a resource management solution, but it’s nothing but type, type, type.

  • There is no intelligence in the reports, so we have 100 different ones to choose from and it is difficult to remember / find the right one.

  • Users spend oceans of time recording their time and the app doesn’t work.

  • We need to look for the information, rather than just getting it automatically.

  • Etc…

You can avoid many of these annoyances can by spending some time researching your options at an early stage; instead of assuming that just because other companies use a certain IT system, it will also the right one for you.

Resource management software must address your company’s challenges in everyday life. The features have to be easily accessible, the records have to be accurate, and the data have to be exportable and give a broad overview of both finances, projects, employees and resources.

5 good tips before choosing a new system

#1 Find out what challenges you face
#2 Uncover what are your needs and requirements for the new system
#3 Spend time researching the market and read references
#4 Investigate the company behind the selected system and get in touch

And most importantly …

#5 Be sure to test the new system well and thoroughly in relation to your challenges and needs.

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