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"A unique overview of time consumption."

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The challenge

Like in many other places, it’s a struggle to get the resources to cover the tasks that are standing in line.

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The solution

The opportunities for extracting information on the individual construction projects, hours spent and finance makes EazyProject a valuable tool.

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EazyProject's greatest strength

The reports are a big strength. You can get pretty much all the information out of the system that you need.


One would think that getting started
with a professional project management
tool is both expensive and time consuming.

Michael Pagaard Madsen,
Head of Department
// Kolding Municipality

Kolding Kommune

The Kolding Municipality’s city- and Development department, (Urban Development Administration) Has been an EazyProject customer since 2011.

The department for Municipal Properties in Kolding Municipality’s Urban Development Administration (By- og Udviklingsforvaltning) is always busy. Like in many other places, it’s a struggle to get the resources to cover the tasks that are standing in line. The new, web-based project management tool and the still fresh and exciting experiences it has given have thus been met with great enthusiasm.

“Up until now, I am thrilled about EazyProject. We have begun using the time registration module, and it has been surprisingly smooth and easy to get started up – despite having opted to get all our employees registered and to register retroactively from the start of the year.”

You would think it would be expensive, time-consuming and difficult to get started using a professional project management tool.
Kolding Kommune
Michael Pagaard Madsen,
Head of Department, Municipal Properties // Kolding Municipality

A unique overview

One of the functionalities that Michael Pagaard Madsen highlights is the opportunity to extract reports that can then be adapted as needed:

‘The reports are a big strength. You can get pretty much all the information out of the system that you need. This provides us with completely fantastic documentation of which administrative areas consume the most time. As manager, this gives me a unique overview of the resources that are available and where the serious workloads are located.’

Better planning of resources from now on. Even if Michael Pagaard Madsen does not yet have extensive experience with using EazyProject, he is in no doubt that the future planning of resources will be easier:

‘The potential there is for extracting information out of the individual construction tasks, hours spent and finance makes it a valuable tool in the planning of our total resources.

In the future we will be able to see exactly how much time we spend on drawing up a construction program, and how much time we spend on one-year and five-year inspections, and this is important when I need to prioritise and plan our resources from now on.

Of course you have to register hours spent for a good amount of time before you can get the “experience” out of the system, but we are well on our way with this.’

Project management is a cross-disciplinary discipline

‘It has been easy and unproblematic to adapt the system to our organisation, structure and needs. As a municipality, we are perhaps slightly atypical compared to an adviser, for example.’

Our project role deviates a little from that of a typical drawing studio or consultancy business, because we often take part as property owners. Having said that, however, they are basically the same type of tasks, and in principle we also have ‘customers’ we need to serve – they just don’t get invoiced.’

Regardless of whether you are an adviser or a property developer/owner, then the need for an overview of projects, the allocation of tasks and employees’ hours is exactly the same.

Flexibility is worth its weight in gold
Unlike other project management tools, EazyProject is solely web-based.

‘It’s a big advantage for us that EazyProject is web-based. In practice this gives employees the opportunity to log on when and where they need to, plus it does not require installing on the individual PC.

You can work on it from day to day and registration in the system can be done daily, regardless of where you happen to be.’

Michael Pagaard Madsen,
Head of department and architect // Kolding Municipality

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