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Work as a team

A Kanban board is a visual tool that allows you to create as many columns and cards as you need. The cards could be for example ideas, projects or tasks, which are presented visually to one or more employees.

Save Time

With the EazyProject Kanban board you can quickly generate communication across boards and teams and avoid misunderstandings and doing things twice. This not only means you save time, it also makes project management easier and more fun.

Once a card is staffed, the task will appear on the employee’s timesheet – and also on their mobile phone.

We use our Kanban board for development tasks, marketing plans, strategies, ideas, internal meetings and much more.
kenneth CEO eazyproject icon
Kenneth H. Larsen,
CEO // EazyProject

The Kanban board is for you and your team if you need to…

  • Form a quick, visual overview
  • Communicate across tasks
  • Break tasks down into phases, for example from ‘started’ to ‘completed’
  • Know which employee has been allocated which task
  • Use a visual platform for brainstorming, idea generation, development etc.
  • Organise work tasks
  • Activate time registrations

Communication and collaboration

The sharing of information is done primarily via the ‘trading’ of comments, and the system provides a quick overview of who has commented on a card and when.

Comments can be shared immediately with one or more members of the team via EazyProject’s message module or email.

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