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How the search function works

The search function at the top of the screen allows the user to search across the system with few clicks. You open the search function by clicking on the search icon (magnifying glass) or by using shortcut keys.

The shortcut keys are:
[dot] = Opens the search window
[Esc] = Closes the search window
[up / down arrow] = Changes the search category in the dropdown

You have the option to search for the following, depending on what you have access to:

  • Customers
  • Activities
  • Offers and orders
  • Invoices

NOTE! If you do not have access to any of the search categories, the search icon is hidden automatically and the shortcut keys are deactivated

How to seach

The search function works so that when you fill in a keyword and click the Search button, the keyword is transferred to the underlying page. You can therefore search for the same data here as you can in the different overviews. You can seach for:


  • Name
  • Number
  • Telephone
  • Contact person
  • Address


  • Company Name
  • Number

Offers and orders

  • Order number
  • Company Name


  • Invoice number
  • Invoice Responsible
  • Company Name
  • Customer address
  • Project number