How Heatmap Works in Scheduling

Heatmap shows the employees’ load with 5 different color levels.

Hide Heatmap
Heatmap appears at the bottom of Planning Pro. You can choose to show or hide heatmap by pressing respectively. load on or off.

Adjusting the view
It is possible to illustrate two types of load, of which the employee’s planned time / show planned time and the employee’s remaining time / show time.
If you do not want the load illustrated in color, this can be hidden by pressing heatmap off and activating again by pressing heatmap on.

Heatmap colors meaning
The colors are defined by standard time and are by default set up for the following:

  • Dark red (≥ 37), the employee is overloaded.
  • Pink (≥ 30), the employee is close to being charged.
  • Dark green, green & light green (<30), the employee is not close to being charged

The setup of the colors and when to switch between is set up via:

Administration > Miscellaneous > System Setup > Customer Specific > Go to Planning Pro

It is not possible to change colors, but here you can define when the colors change from green to red.