Project Management

How to use Gantt Pro

Gantt Pro is the project manager’s visual tool, which creates a complete overview of projects, tasks and resources. On this page, we review how to get started using Gantt Pro.

NOTE! It is recommended to use latest Internet browser versions (like Google Chrome) to get the best user experience.

How to access Gantt Pro

User Menu > Projects > Gantt Pro

It is also possible to access Gantt Pro directly from the project form, so you can instantly create a visual schedule for your project.

You will find the shortcut at the top right of the project form.


Visual overview
Once you have created a project with related tasks, these will appear in Gantt Pro. The total duration of the project will then be marked at the top and the duration of the tasks will appear below.

The length of the fields is defined by the start and end date of the project and task.

Create tasks
It is possible to create a task under the various projects in Gantt Pro. When these tasks are created, they will also appear in the project form.

To create a new task, press the blue plus on the right of the project name. You can also create a sub-task by pressing the blue plus to the right of a task.

When you tap the blue plus, a tab appears, where you can fill in the details of the task such as name, type, responsible, ect.

After entering the desired data, press Save.

Under resources in the time registration menu, you will be able to add employees to the task.

NOTE! A sub-task created in Gantt Pro will appear as a common task under the project form.

A Milestone is created and edited in the same way as a task. You just need to tick the Milestone, where the start and end date is the same.

Click on a task name to select a task and then click Move Out. Then the task will appear as a sub-task if there is another task. If you then press the jerk in, the sub-task will become a task again.

Open / close projects and tasks
Projects and tasks can be opened and closed by clicking the +/- icons to the left of the name. Via the buttons fold all out and fold all in, you can open and close all projects and tasks.

Drag & Drop
The different tasks can easily be moved with the mouse and the duration can also be changed by pulling at the end of the tasks.


Dependencies can be created between tasks. Four different dependencies can be created:

  • Start to start
  • End to end
  • End to start
  • Start to end

The dependencies are created by dragging a line with the mouse from task start / end to another task’s start / end. The dependencies are marked with a circle at each end of a task.

The dependencies are deleted with double-clicks.


Baseline is a powerful tool for following up and highlighting changes and delays in the project.

Gantt Pro Baseline is used to visualize a project’s scheduled schedule, relative to the changes made during a project’s implementation.

Baseline appears as an orange line on the Gantt card, whereby you can visually compare the original project plan with the changes.

Baselines are created and selected by double-clicking on the project name.

The baseline is displayed by clicking on the gear, at the top right of Gantt Pro and selecting Show Baseline.


Progress (% finished) is shown by the various tasks. The progress is calculated based on the time registrations and is updated automatically as the employee records time and is compared with the entered budget for hours.


You will find the filters at the top left of Gantt Pro.

The many filters are used to define the projects and tasks of the Gantt card.

The filters are remembered even if you have been logged out.

Sorting the order of a project

The projects are generally sorted by project name. If a manual project number is used, the projects are sorted accordingly. If automatic project numbers (autogenerated) are used then they are sorted.

Project and task order can be changed by dragging up or down the name.

The order of the tasks can only be changed within the same task level and within the same project.


Phases are not displayed in the Gantt Pro card itself, however, a color can be attached to the phases, which will appear in the Gantt Pro card. To this end, a visual overview of the phases of the project can be achieved.

A phase is chosen per. task and used to report across tasks. Phases are created and edited under:

User Menu > Projects > Phases

Completed projects and tasks

If you change the status of a task to completion, the task will appear with gray font and gray background. Hereby it is visualized that the task is completed.

Read-only Gantt “readonly”

For selected users, the Gantt card can be displayed in read-only mode, so that the user cannot move or edit projects and tasks. To limit a user to only see the Gantt card, the user must be associated with a readonly role.

You can set up this via:

Administration > Miscellaneous System Setup > Role Specific

Here you weigh the desired user’s role via the drop-down menu.

Press Save / Update

Before the selected user can access the read-only Gantt, it is necessary to check Gantt under the user’s role. You can read more about roles here and you can access the feature via:

Administration > Roles > Show Roles