Time Registration

How to create an expense

To create an expense go to:

User menu > Hours, km & expense > Create expense

Here you choose the date and project / phase / task.

Then, via the drop-down next to the expense, you have to choose what type of expense it is about.

Enter the number, which is equal to the cost of the expense. You can also add a note describing the reason behind the expense.

If the expense is billable, check the billable.

Click Save and New, to save the expense and create a new one.
Click Save and Close, to save the expense and close the form.

Udlæg i ugesedlen

It is also possible to create expense directly in the weekly note. This requires that it is enabled under the individual types of expense – via:

Administration > Types > show / create expense types

Here you can tick the box in the weekly note when you create or edit the outline – after which the outline will be possible to create via the weekly note. Hereby the employees will be able to create expenses directly in the weekly note, in the same way that driving and comments are created.

This function is intended to quickly create expenses, while the employee nevertheless registers time and possibly. drive.

NOTE! When expenses are created directly in the weekly note, they are NOT displayed in the comment window subsequently, but they can always be seen in various reports.