Maintain an overview despite the challenges

Imagine your project is close to the deadline. A project that was initiated several months ago, but which has had challenges in the form of eg illness and urgent tasks.

Employees have been allocated, the budget and various sub-goals in the planning have been changed ect.

But does this really make any difference, as long as the project manager and management still have the full overview, and control over the entire project’s course?

Watch how you can quickly allocate your employees and thus remove the burden.

In EazyProject you always have the full overview

Through EazyProject, you can anticipate and avoid the future challenges in projects and tasks regardless of size by using our project management software.

If there is illness among employees, planning Pro and Heatmap can quickly allocate employees to the project.

If there are unforeseen urgent tasks, it is possible to push and edit the project while you still have control of the project.

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