Rules and Setup

In EazyProject you have the opportunity to create different rules that send messages to the users about eg lack of approval of the weekly note.
You can find the rule setup function via:

Administration > Miscellaneous > Rule setup

To create a rule, tap Create new rule.
There are two types of rules in EazyProject – message rules and system rules.

System Rules
These rules do not send messages to users, but instead perform a specific task – this can be, for example, inserting absence for those users who are on sick leave.

Message Rules
These rules send messages and / or emails to users. When creating the rules, you can choose which group of users to receive the message – this can be, for example, the nearest manager, department manager, project members, etc.

Description of rules

System Rules

  • Anonymize users after completion, this rule deletes user information on a completed user and changes name and initials to the desired one.
  • Auto leader approve days, the days approved by the users in the weekly note will be automatically approved. It’s just that. and backward records that can be automatically approved.
  • Auto create absence, thereby creating a time registration on the disease task in the weekly note – if the user is on sick leave.
  • Via Administration > System Setup > Role Specific, a role can be selected that can create sickness reports for other users. It is also here that you choose the task that is automatically registered for disease.

Message Rules

  • Absence follow-up, a message is sent to the nearest manager if a holiday / absence has been established that has not been approved.
  • Approval Weekly note when the user has not approved the weekly note, a reminder can be sent to the user or the nearest manager for lack of approval. The rule only sends a reminder of the last 9 weeks.
  • Follow-up tasks, here a message is sent to stakeholders for a project when a task in the project reaches a certain percentage in relation to the spent hourly budget.
  • Follow-up projects, the rule sends messages to stakeholders for a project when the project is the selected number of days from project completion.
  • Continuous absence, this rule examines whether a user is registered for a continuous period. If the number of days of sickness exceeds x number of days, a message and / or mail is sent to either the user, immediate attendant or department manager.
  • ToDo, if Todo’s / activities have been created on a customer, you can get a message the day before the task is to be performed, on the day itself or a weekly report of the exceeded Todo’s.
  • Weekly note lacks management approval, which is sent here a message to the nearest manager if the user has not approved the weekly note – the rule only sends messages in the last 10 weeks.