Project Management

How to allocate your employees

Once you have created a project, you can choose which employee will be members of the project. This is done under the project team tab.

Project team

Here are 2 columns. The left contains the system’s active users, your employees.

If you press the arrow to the left of the employee, this will be transferred to the right column and is now a member of the project.

If all employees want to be moved to the project, press the double arrow next to the heading Employee.


When the project team is selected, click on the Manning tab. Below you can choose which employees to allocate to the created tasks.

Through the add option, you are able to allocate the individual employees from the project team. You can add all employees from project team by tapping Add All and then removing them via Remove All.

Staffed / h
When an employee is added to a task, you can assign the expected hourly spend to each employee. This is done under the column: Staffed / h.

If you want to distribute a task’s estimated hours equally, as shown in the budget / h – this is done by tapping on the budget / h advantage.

Then the hours are distributed equally among the employees allocated to the task.

Time Tracking
When an employee is allocated to a task, it can be time-registered on it in the weekly note, and see the estimated budget / h. However, this depends on the task and the project having the status Active.