Project Management

How to create hourly rates

There are a number of different setup options available for EazyProject to work with hourly rates. Some of it is set up per. customer in relation to wishes and needs, other is the standard setup of EazyProject.

All hour types are created in:

Administration > Types > Create hour type

All hour types created can be used either as task hour types, employee standard hour type or company agreement hour types.

The following models are available:

  • Task hour types – Here the hourly rate (cost and sales) of the task is determined, not by the employee who performs the task.
  • Employee standard hour types – Here you set a standard hour type for each employee who is used by default.
  • Company agreements – Here you can create a customer-specific price per hour type
  • Project hourly rates – On a project, the hourly rate for an employee can be overwritten so that it only applies to the project in question
  • Fixed price – The sales price is defined as a fixed price regardless of hourly consumption.

The hierarchy works as follows:

1. On a task, always select a task hour type.

2. When an employee is allocated to a project in the project form, the employee uses the standard hour type, which is inserted in the columns “Sales” and “Diet”, under the Project team tab.

3. If there is a company agreement for the standard hour type, it is this price that is downloaded to the employee instead of the standard hour type.
Add or remove the hour type via:

User menu > Customers & crm > Show customers

4. If it is a project hourly price, it is possible to manually overwrite the project price at an applicable hourly rate for the employee. You do this under the project team tab in the project form.

5. Set the field to blank (empty), the task type type is used instead of an employee price.

If the price is set to 0 (zero), the sales price will be DKK 0 – often used for internal tasks that should not be re-invoiced.

6. If a fixed price has been added to the project, it is this price that is applicable and the employees’ hourly price will only be indicative.

7. In all calculations in EazyProject, the above hiraki applies to how, for example, an ambition factor or DB on a project is calculated.