Time Registration

Full guide to the weekly note

User menu > Hours, km & expenses > Weekly note

You can use the weekly note if you want to record time and kilometers on your tasks.

Your registrations form the basis for calculation of flex, holiday, overtime, payment of salary, driving allowance, billing etc.


On the weekly note, only the projects / tasks that the employee is allocated to appear.

Projects / tasks appear on the left of the weekly note, where the tasks appear when you press the arrow next to the project name.

The employee can record time and km on all tasks they are allocated to.

To the right, you can enter hours on the tasks during the days of the week. At the top right, weekly totals appear, which is updated regularly when the employee enters hours.

The bottom right shows the employee’s daily and weekly schedule. Over the day’s norm, the employee’s flex balance appears, which is updated regularly when entering hours on the days.

Time Tracking

  • Hours and minutes can be entered with hundredths, eg 7.5
  • Hours and minutes can be entered with colon, eg 7:30
  • Hours and minutes can be entered without colon, eg 730

Regardless of how the hours and minutes are entered, the time will always be converted by the system, so the time is shown by hundredths after the entry.

Add a comment

When time has been entered for a task, a comment can be added to the time record by clicking on the comment icon that appears when you enter hours.

Comments can be entered simultaneously with the time registration, by separating hours and comments with a slash, for example 7.4 / comment.

Comments may be mandatory or voluntary. If the comment is mandatory, it is not possible to approve the hours before a comment has been written.

For some tasks, the possibility of comments may be removed.

Travel Registration

When you tap the comment icon, you can also enter driving by tapping the drive below the comment field. Here you have to fill in:

Comment, the purpose of the run.

Driving from / to, start and and destination of the run.

Km, distance from start and end destination.

Round trip, if checked, will be km multiplied by 2.

Approval of the weekly note

Once the employee has entered his / her hours, they must be approved – here are two options:

  • The employee can print approval during the individual days when the hours are completed.
  • The employee can print approval and lock the whole week, thereby locking all days of the week at the same time.

NOTE! When a week or day is approved, the employee cannot change the time registration.


If you want to save time when you fill out the weekly note, you can benefit from using shortcuts.

When you enter time, you can use the arrow keys to navigate up and down, as well as Tab / Shift + Tab to navigate left and right.

To open the comment box, press Ctrl after entering the comment, you can save by pressing Enter.

You can always cancel / close the comment box by pressing Esc.

Customize your weekly note

At the top right of the weekly note, you can by tapping the gear wheel, tailor your weekly note.

Here you can select and deselect different filters. check show weekend, after which it will be possible to enter hours for Saturday and Sunday.

If the star next to a given task is selected, these will only be displayed when show favorites are checked.

The selected filters are saved when logging out and can be changed continuously.

Come / go registration

It can be time-registered with the arrival / walking time or by typing time spent on tasks, or a combination of these. The default setup is that you record time spent on tasks.

(Contact our support if you want to come / go registration).


An administrator has the opportunity to switch between employees’ weekly banknotes. If you are an administrator, there will be a dropdown list with the employees at the top of the screen.

If a weekly note has been approved by mistake, you as the administrator can unlock it again, by pressing lock up to the right of the employee’s name.

As an administrator you can also correct, fill in and approve employees’ weekly notes.