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Infographic showing ways to track time in EazyProject
Infographic showing ways to track time in EazyProject

Why time registration?

EazyProject’s time registration system offers a simple interface for entering hours spent, mileage, travel expenses and other expenses.

The quicker and easier the time registration can be entered, the more frequent and precise the registrations will be.

We experience many different needs when it comes to time registration. Some users register their hours for invoicing and place great value on reporting, documentation and integration to the invoice itself.

Others use EazyProject for flex and absence management and use the flexible flex module or holiday module.

Many possibilities

We also have a group of customers who use time registration for payment of salary – these customers typically have integration to their payroll or finance system.

Common to all our customers is that they find EazyProject quick and easy to use – even with many tasks and a high degree of complexity.

When evaluating an ongoing or completed project, EazyProject’s time registration can add value and transparency.

You can quickly obtain clarification of how an employee has spent their hours on the project and whether this matches generally with expectations and what has been agreed.

The solution gathers all tasks in one visually excellent overview and the timesheet is really easy to use.
Kim Glenert,
Cryptera A/S

A complete solution

Flexitime system

EazyProject flex management is a complete solution that supports both simple and more complicated flex rules.

User-friendly screen displays give the employee the opportunity to enter hours and see their flex account in real-time.

Reports show flex accounts for one employee or across departments.

You will get:

  • A complete user-friendly flexitime system
  • Personal flex accounts in real-time – also accessible via mobile phones
  • An overview of all employees’ flexitime and time off in lieu
  • Support of different flex models
  • Export of data to Excel, payroll and finance systems

Correct documentation

Simple stopwatch

When the employee uses the stopwatch, typically when working with a lot of smaller tasks of shorter duration, the system registers the time between start and stop itself.

The stopwatch allows incredibly precise time registrations when working on different tasks at the same time and the ‘time stamp’ thus gives the most correct documentation.

You will get:

  • An easy, incredibly fast timesheet
  • Flex account and total amount of tasks on the timesheet
  • A user-friendly flex module
  • The ability to enter time registrations as ‘hours spent’ or ‘clock-in/clock-out’
  • Absence and holiday management
  • Clip cards


Fast registrations gives

precise registrations

Eazyproject app for time tracking

Aanytime. Anywhere.

Mobile time tracking

EazyProject offers mobile time registration via an app for iPhone and Android or via the mobile Web App for iPhone and Android. If you need to register hours in areas with poor mobile phone coverage, you can use the EazyProject app, which supports both online and offline time management.

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