EAC Budget

EAC, stands for Estimated Actuals to Complete and is the ongoing budget for a project.

You can access EAC via:

Finance > EAC

Basic setup

All values presented in EAC is based on data before days date.
The data is based on invoicing, tiem registration, expens registration and incoming supplier invoices.

The data basis from today and forward, is the project manager’s best estimate on where the project will end and what needs to be invoiced and registered .

Import Budget to EAC

EAC is built up with the same structure as Budget. When you have created your budget in Budget, it is possible to import the data to EAC, by pressing Import from Budget.

If the budget changes over time, you can manually enter the new expectations for the economy/budget in EAC.

Changes in the allocation

If the allocation/employee resources changes in Planning, while the project is ongoing, the project manager can update EAC, with the planning from Planning, by pressing Import from Planning. Please note, that is is only the future planning that gets imported.

NOTE! Hovering over the fee for a specific month in the past, will display a list over the invoice(s) that has been invoiced during that specific month.


The system makes a check, to see if the budgeted external supplier invoices are invoiced in the correct month.

This means that if an invoice isn’t invoiced on the correct month, at the right supplier, at the right phase/task, there will be made an provision of the budgeted amount.

If only a part of the amount is invoiced, the difference will be shown as a provision.

The Budget Tab in the Project form

If you are using EAC, the values here will be shown in the Estimate column at The Budget Tab in the Project form.

This goes for the following values:

  • Turnover (Invoiced)
  • Direct cost
  • Cost price hours
  • Hours

Viewing options

In the upper right you can customize the view, by pressing the toothed wheel.

The following values can be displayed for each task

  • Production price
  • Cost price
  • Gross Margin
  • Expenses
  • Millage

The following other view options are available

  • Edit all months, makes it possible to budget before/after the duration of the task.
  • Total sales/cost: own production, extern supplier, expenses, millage & project total.
  • Total GM project, shows the total gross margin for the project.
  • GM budget factor/GM calculation, this value can be defined by different calculations:
    • DivOwnProd, calculated entirely on own production
    • DeltaWithExtern, calculated on own production including the delta between sales and cost price on external suppliers.
    • DeltaWithExternExpenseMillage, calculated on own production including delta between sales and cost prices on external suppliers, expenses and millage.
    • DivAll, calculated on total sales and cost prices.